Fig & Oak Room

These clients could almost be called ‘accidental clients’. They originally contacted us, asking if we could advise on choosing paint colours for their home. As interior designers as well as architects, we couldn’t say no!
After a site visit – and recommending a lovely shade of paint – we asked if they needed help with the design of their renovation.
We were honoured to be brought on as the fresh eyes needed to help ensure their home would facilitate their lifestyle.

Top of the agenda, however, was designing a new fence – urgently need to corral their young child, who was intent on exploring the world beyond the front yard!

It’s been great working with the WOWOWA team, such an inspiring journey so far. We greatly appreciate their hard work and fresh approach to design. We can’t wait to see the result – we know it will be worth the wait!

The clients wanted something special and surprising, complimentary to the character of the home and beautifully detailed. They’d hoped that through good design their family could live a healthy, relaxed and happy lifestyle and fulfil their desire to live sustainably.

We understood that they were doing the construction work themselves, with the help of family, and produced a design they could achieve – without compromising aesthetics or quality.