Finding delight in the prosaic, experimenting within the familiar, vanilla beyond vanilla to get a variety of ice-cream that’s so seed pod laden that its the most exciting flavor of all? ┬áStarting with an in depth study of the surprisingly geometrically playful language of the Edwardian house, the addition aimed to be a camouflaged version of the original, same same but different, blended into the existing suburban fabric much like the distorted jungle scenes within Predator (1987 film).
The extension is constructed from various textures and lightweight painted timber paneling, like the existing, similarly with a hierarchy of ornamentation. A continuous colour is pallet is used throughout, a light green with white trim. The extension embellishes the geo box window on the 2 new highlight windows in the studio and living areas of the home.
The wonderful clients were all incredible design thinkers, one working on the film Ted (hence the name T-Edwardian) and the other a graphic designer with an eye for colour. Determined to feel part of the garden, the bridge connecting the two housing pavilions was widened to allow a portion of island bench to fit within so a light filled moment for reflecting and connection. Surrounded by greenery inside and out, this home is a radically conservative brand of taken-for granted trickery and conceptual nuance.