Pooling – NGV Commission


The found, the re-appropriated. Re-contextualization and bastardisation. Re-purpose and glorify a re-examined condition. A collaboration between Architect and Indigenous Artist.
Conversations around the pool and our relationship with water are reoccurring as we continually seek to create an equitable and shared built environment. ‘Pooling’ reframes and repurposes the once private for public discourse.
Second-hand fiberglass pools are readily available for sale. What is the new value proposition for these enormous ready-mades? Configured in this way, the pools become strangely familiar relics with their whimsical geometries on display to be enjoyed and marvelled at having now been transformed into scaleless other-worldly objects in the sky.
An Archipelago reminiscent arrangement, each piece, each scene, each island, behaves as a laboratory. Unified externally, each pool becomes a world. Individual vessels of Indigenous intrinsic knowledge – each one playfully linked to essential teachings on Caring for Country.