We just wanted to reiterate how happy we are after this morning's meeting. We really loved your ideas & we're so excited!

Client, J.Vaisutis

It was an enjoyable collaborative process; we are just as proud as they are!

Client, K.Strazdins

Without them we would have ended up with a very boring extension instead of a thrilling new space!

Client, S.Roberts


Australian Design Review Q&A

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Monique is the host of the Channel 31 show Community Designs, watch some episodes:


c31: City of Casey

c31: Maidstone Tennis

c31: St Kilda SLSC

c31: Re-use of Heritage Sites

c31: Hobart

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Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!! Latest obsessions - actually explains allot about our work. Geo Farm vibes ⭕️🔼

11 Jan


WOWOWA_Rosella_GD 01

WOWOWA’s Rosella (copper) & Corella (white)

Our bird pendants sold at Cafe Culture+Insitu

WOWOWA_Monroe_RE 01

WOWOWA’s Solid Brass Cast Pendant

‘Glamour’ & ‘Rough Night’ Pendants sold at Cafe Culture+Insitu