new homes
& renos :

Step 1. DESIGN

We listen & learn about you and your project goals. We want to collaborate with you, the client, to come up with a design suitable for your needs & budget. All our designs are different because each client is so unique – a quality that we feel should be celebrated. We digest, distil & translate coming up with a range of designs you’ll love then, with your guidance, merge the best ideas into an ultimate concept design.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT involves developing, refining &  material selecting, through drawings, views, visual essays and material boards all so you can know exactly how the space looks & feels. This process evolves over a number of meetings to ensure your ideas are being interpreted and considered in the best way possible.


This stage involves two distinct processes.

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION involves preparing detailed technical drawings and specification documents to bring our baby to life.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Contract Admin) is the part where we handle all communication with builders, including answering questions, overseeing & checking invoices before they’re sent to clients, and conducting site visits every fortnight (as well as at important milestones).

We understand that you have a busy life. You maybe can’t get out to the building site for meet ins often, or don’t feel confident enough to answer builders’ questions on the spot. Let us handle the details for you!