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About us

WOWOWA Architecture celebrates Australian culture with a love of daffy colloquialisms translated into architectural ambition.

Now based in Melbourne & Perth, our practice is committed to creating colourful, meaningful, contemporary, idea driven spaces that push the boundaries of environmental innovation.

Our colourful, contextual and socially sustainable projects are for people who know life’s too short for boring spaces – always engaging, playful & flexible. We work at both Residential and Public scales realising that we really just like designing for kids, so homes, schools & community buildings are for us!

WOWOWA is a practice of optimistic lateral thinkers & thought leaders.

Working together with a collaborative approach, we advocate that architecture should have a sense of humour to achieve livability & lovability.

Our Team

Monique Woodward

Scott Woodward

Julie Rovis •Studio Manager

Sarah Exner

Zoe Diacolabrianos

Emily Flint

Nikita Bhopti

Fiona Plaisted

Morgan Carse

Issy Jooste

Isobel Moy

Chiara Hunwick

James Rumanovsky

Victoria Marquez

Awards & Achievements