This Maribyrnong River facing Esplanade block is one of a kind. The house sits at the top of a hill positioned close to the Manna Gum lined suburban street and extends back only so far until the ground plummets down towards the water and becomes a beautifully landscaped cascading wilderness.

The client’s brief was to rework the façade to create a more inviting, open and sheltered entry sequence and create room for a bike store. WOWOWA’s contribution to the home was both small from a sqm perspective, but fundamental to the reading, functionality, liveability and lovability. The original house was heavily inspired by Glenn Murcutt’s 1984 costal Magney House in Bingie Point NSW with similar low metal arches rise up from the angular plan to allowing great light filled volumes to exist under the curved ceilings.

Our addition reads like a pinky peach Neo Po-Mo nugget insertion with a curved zig zag perforated metal entry wall that acts like an embracing hug as you enter the house. We felt it fitting to cheekily reference a project by Edmond & Corrigan – being the home grown Melbourne Post Modern counterpart to the homestead legacy of Murcutt whom inspired the original house. Edmond & Corrigan’s angular 2005 Lux House Alteration, was both modest and transformative – exactly what we wanted #WOWOWAEspy to be.