Hampton Park Secondary College Fab Lab

The new facility reflects the schools desire to offer students more opportunities to engage in project-based learning and new technologies, better equipping them for the future economy.

The design stitches together the 3 existing buildings as a whole and de-clutters the existing internal spaces, creating better visual connections between newly created spaces and to the surrounding external courtyards. The plan is divided into programmatic bands, instruction, fabrication and collaboration, to reflect and reinforce the new pedagogy.

The new ‘Fab-Lab’ incorporates collaborative workspace, specialist manufacturing labs and a new civic hub. The Advanced Manufacturing/Precious Plastics Space is a dedicated industry participation space where local manufacturing groups teach and work directly with students.

The internal acoustic lining material is fabricated from recycled PET materials and is made up of over 80,000 recycled 500mm PET bottles, plastics from the school will now be collected and utilized as material for fabrication with a suite of plastics fabrication machinery and reused as filament for their 3D printing machines.