An architect’s own house is expected to be the pinnacle of their creative pursuits. The premise of this was even the source of inspiration for Director, Monique’s video series called ‘If you were mine’ that gave away renovation ideas for various styles of houses in Melbourne.

Though, for Mon & Scott, the Directors of WOWOWA Architecture, their own home #WOWOWAMagic is really justa modest, unexpectedly voluminous, little treat. Designed during maternity leave, this luscious pink, copper and maroon renovation to a terracotta roofed Californian Bungalow, is a family home for 3.

Built in the 1930’s as a dual occupance, there is a tall 6m high wall that separates the two dwellings. The simple gesture was to continue this brick boundary wall out towards the backyard and capitalise on the geometry prescribed by the roof space.

Since this Bungalow was not adorned with an impressive arched front, a delightful cinquefoil arch was embellished at the back. Both a screening device and a nostalgic nod to a favourite Jaipurian holiday destination. Small moments unpack themselves as curious eyes take in the kitchen living dining space. Yummy materials feel cosy allowing the Directors to marinate in the joy of it all summer long.