Modo Pento

This jazzy Modernist Penthouse (Modo Pento) interior was a treat to design and a sensory delight from the outset. Situated on the top level of a three storey, marsupial coloured brown brick, walk-up in St Kilda, the client reveled in a smorgasbord of mid-century hors d’oeuvres imagery for inspiration. Prawn cocktails, ornately rolled cold cuts, jellies and moose tarts coupled with Tupperware a-plenty provided an endless supply of textures, colours and shapes to choose from.

Mostly oriented to the North, this home in the sky had been renovated in the early 2000s, with major works throughout and the addition of a second living space and roof terrace on the existing concrete roof deck. WOWOWA stripped out the prior renovation that sat at odds with the language of the building and worked hard to return the apartment to an original but amplified condition while also increasing the functionality and amenity.