Mossgiel Park Primary School

The project brief involved the renovation of two amenity blocks at Mossgiel Park Primary School. Aside from generally upgrading the facilities across both blocks, the school wanted the new amenities to have a welcoming feel, as the principal was aware of younger students who were too intimidated to use the school bathrooms. WOWOWA took these concerns on board and focused on improving the layout of the facilities to create a private yet inviting entry sequence, with minimal touchpoints, as well as selecting materials that were durable and easy to clean. The vinyl was a design opportunity to bring an element of playfulness into a utilitarian space.

Inspiration was found in school’s star logo – which is projected and reflected across the floors and walls.

The colours play-off the school’s blue logo and uniforms, with complementary purple and yellow to define the shared washbasin area from the cubicle spaces. This small school project, sought to create an accessible, safe, and positive space for students to use each day – striving to become the star-student of all amenity projects.