a new normal x WOWOWA


WOWOWA in collaboration with A New Normal hope to transform Melbourne from a consumer to a producer by 2030. WOWOWA joins 14 other Architects in providing case studies on how this could be achieved.

It demonstrates examples of ways that Melbourne can become the world’s first self-sufficient city: a city powered entirely by renewable energy; a city with an unlimited supply of water; a city that sends zero waste to landfill.


WOWOWA has designed a project to build a $2.8 million, 10-ton-a-day anaerobic “digester” at sites such as the Fitzroy swimming pool, which would convert food waste from the local community into heat to power a sauna and water at the local pool.

It would be the first of 150 anaerobic digestors to be rolled out across Melbourne to deal with the city’s expanding food waste problem.


This tower combines two unlikely companions, waste and recreation. Collecting 10 tonnes of food waste a day from the surrounding food and beverage businesses; the tower converts this waste into biogas, used to heat the swimming pool’s sauna, spa and indoor pool. Housed within the tower are two large tanks, stacked to minimise its footprint, while also celebrating this new industrial form on the suburban streetscape.


The tower also produces a nutrient-rich fertiliser to feed an expanding landscape of plants growing in and around the pool and in the adjacent park. Nearby residents are encouraged to drop off their food waste before heading inside to jump into the pool or sauna.


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