Wrong Champ


Wrong Champ is a home for collectors, a cluster of intimate courtyard spaces infused with curiosity and crafted collisions. WOWOWA’s addition to the home has carefully embellished the Arts and Crafts-inspired detailing of the existing Californian Bungalow, stretching the structure toward the unexpected while reinforcing connections to context. Intimate light wells have then been carved from the form to allow a sequence of spaces that balance separation and visual connection through curved cathedral windowed walls.

A confident mix of forms, references, colours and materials, the project combines a careful study of context and client without constraint. A nod to the clients’ European heritage as well as their desire to create a set of spaces for regular gatherings with a large extended family, Wrong Champ’s colour palette situates the creams and greens of its suburban context amongst a sprawling, mezze-like range of appetizing citrus and berry hues of varying intensity.